28/52 project 50mm

A Photo Challenge

And a photo challenge it is. Now week 28, so we already passed the halfway marker but it seems harder and harder to find the time and spirit to make the shots. Not for me but for my three ladies. Every weekend they have to cooperate with me to fulfill my wish to do a 52 week photo project. But Luckily they still are helping me out, especially for my mom it seems hard. She is not feeling well and that shows. And she is still a lady, so she want to present herself on her best and that is not always possible. So why don’t you stop you might ask. My initial idea was that I would show my mom what she had to endure while being ill and where she would end up after all the misery is in the past. She is still struggling with her health and we are still a long way from the end. But we also still have high hopes that all will be well and that we will be able to show a happy and shining mom at the end of the photo challenge project.

So again many thanks and most of all love to my three most important ladies in my life. My mom (Betty), wife (Joan) and daughter (Nickita).

The gallery with the other photos can be found here


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