25/52 project 50mm

It took a while, but here they finally are. The photos of last week. Due to a broken down laptop I was not able to get the pictures ready. We did do the shoot but I was simply not able to process them.

So without further ado, the week 25 photos for project 50mm. Again I tried to capture the moment as it came. And this week my mom was having a hard time after the chemo treatment (4 out of 6). So we visited her more often than normal and this photo was taken just after she got out of bed early in the morning. It was very hard for me to choose this time. I will place so more photos online later on so you can judge for yourself.

Joan and Nicki were quite easy this week. the only difficulty with Nicki is that she starts to pose, and that sometimes ruins a perfect shot. But hey by doing so it is still fun for her to help papa.

The gallery with the other photos can be found here




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