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Often I get positive reactions when I show my vacation pics. And then I am not talking about the little projects I tend to do while we are on vacation. Of course we, my wife and I, take the standard photos and portraits but with a few little tricks I try to do just this little bit extra and make them a bit more special. It can be something as simple as using a flash on a bright sunny day or picking a different view point. A nice example is a shot of me made by my wife while she was sitting inside the car and I was preparing my gear at the rear of the car. She captured a bit of the landscape and showed me whilst doing what I like doing. Landscapes and surroundings Below you will find a few other examples of standard vacation portraits with just a little bit extra. Just by making sure you get a good proportion of the background (landscape) in your picture you can show where you were, what you saw and you have proof that you were there (in my case my wife) (btw: I just realize that in all these shots my wife is holding a some sort of camera, hmmm) And of course it isn’t a necessity to show a large view, you can choose to show a part of the surroundings such as a wonderful tree in Kenia. Or you just show a part of a plane so your audience knows that you were at the airport (for this shot I used my flash to make sure that the light inside would match the light on the outside (fill flash)). The shot on the right shows how you can use a person as some sort of frame and that it is not necessary […]

During our trip to Drenthe we drove by an abandoned garage several times. So one time we decided to stop and have a look. There were some possible entry points at the front, but with wife and kid they were not the best way of entering the building (broken glass and rusty nails). So we took a look at the back. There we found a big yard with a small garage still in business. And people who were actually working on cars. So I decided to have a chat. Soon we learned that the old garage was owned by three brothers who were in a quarrel about the last will of their father. And all the time they were discussing the will no one did a thing with the garage nor with the cars that were still inside. So I went straight for the bold question and asked if it would be okay to have a look inside and take some pictures. And without a doubt the guy said ‘yes’. So without further ado here are the shot I took inside of this old garage. Because I was totally unprepared but still wanted to do HDR I decided to shoot everything without a tripod. All HDRs are three images combined and edited in Photomatix and Lightroom. The full gallery can be found here – Urbex HDR Gallery

We went to the Amsterdamse Waterleiding Duinen (AWD) to do a shoot of the girls before they are donating their hair to the Children’s Cancer foundation. Because this proved to be the perfect location last time for some nice Bokeh Panoramas or Brenizer shots I decided to try them once more. At first it did not feel good because the whole look and feel of the area was just off. But then I realized that it was just stupid me, Last time I was there, there were almost no leaves on the trees and now it was the opposite. So I missed the wildly growing branches and the nice structures. But nevertheless I decided to continue and after explaining to my wife what needed to be done we started. If you are not familiar with the concept of bokeh panoramas please read this earlier post on the Brenizer method tutorial. I will give you a clear description on how to create this kind of images. Because my daughter knew what the end result would look like she was enthusiastic from the start and before we knew we had several shots made. Once at home I tried to combine the images with the new lightroom CC but it failed horribly. My MacBook crashed several times and it was just too much. Lessons learned… you need to downsize your individual shots or the shot should match perfectly so your pc does not have to do too much calculations. To give you an example. A shot out of 32 images worked fine but a similar shot out of 24 images failed due to lack of processor and memory. I tried to use AutoPano Giga 3.0 and that managed to stitch all the images but then I noticed that there were huge gaps. And I […]

During the school holiday we went for a week to Drenthe, we hired a nice cabin in the woods and were relaxing for a while with friends and family. My six year old daughter had the time of her life and was really eager to go on photo safari with dad. Of course it was not a typical vacation as we normally do but still we had a lot of photo opportunities in our wonderful country.  We were surrounded by beautiful nature and very nice scenery. One morning we (me and my daughter) got up before sunrise and we went to the heath to shoot some deer (with our cameras of course). We don not spot any of them, all we encountered were sheep, lots of them. But at the end it was still a great adventure to walk to the big spotting tower and have breakfast in the nature. We also went on several trips with the forester and learned a lot about all the plants and wildlife. Drenthe has a beautiful nature reserve and is worth visiting. But I guess you need to know where and when to be there the find the deer. During our water wildlife excursion with the forester we had some rain but hey we were both carrying waterproof cameras and or cases so we still had lots of fun. And once back at the cabin there was mom to serve us a warm drink and dry clothes. I also experimented with making underwater shots in the swimming pool. And I am more then pleased with them, there will be another post on them later on. On on top of all that we did some ‘semi’ urban exploring when we found an abandoned garage that still had all the old cars in it. After […]