Monthly Archives: May 2015

A while back I got a message via Facebook from a classmate from the past (primary school). She told me she had seen my photos of a squirrel I shot while we were away for a week to Drenthe and was wondering if she could use these as a mother’s day present for her mother. How could I say no? So I didn’t and a few day later I received another message with a photo in it of her mother holding a canvas with my squirrel photos on it. She told me she could not choose so she used all four of them. Which gave a great result as you can see on the photo of her mom. For me it was a great compliment that she asked if she could use the photos and I am more than happy with the result and the fact that it brought joy to her mother! Below you find three of the four shots. More in the gallery

Week 48, the end is near. And we all feel that it should not take much longer. I love the fact that all girls have supported me so far. So just four more weeks ladies and then we are done. This week I chose to go for a light setting and even used (a fill-in) flash where possible. Which reminds me that I am not doing that enough. You’ve got to love these challenges in the way they keep reminding you of your abilities and shortcomings. But for me it is still fun to do and I will make sure we will finish the whole year. Nicki Joan Betty The gallery with the other photos can be found here