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Photo Challenge, Project 50mm, week 45, just 7 more weeks and I finished a whole year. The first time ever I did a project (photo challenge) that would run for a year. And I have to admit it is hard. I was thinking last week about doing another year with my new 85mm but first of all, I know for sure my mom and my wife will say no to another year posing every single week. My daughter wouldn’t mind, because she is not used to a life without a camera. This weeks shots, first Nicki while eating her salad, then Joan my wife while behind her laptop, figuring something out about my moms diet. And last but not least, my mom, trying to figure out her diet ;-). So for this weeks photo challenge, only shots without direct eye contact. And it seems to work. At least for me, normally I always try to capture the look, because I think this gives a photo more personality, but while looking at the photos below I now realize that this is not mandatory. Nicki Joan Betty The gallery with the other photos can be found here

My mother’s 75th anniversary. Those who know our situation will realize how happy we are the we have reached this day. So we celebrated with the four of us at one of our favorite restaurants. To be honest I was not really focussing on shoot Project 50mm. So it is not a coherent triplet but I am happy with the final result. So without further ado…. Nicki Joan Betty The gallery with the other photos can be found here

The Brenizer method or also known as the Bokeh Panorama, is a photographic technique developed by wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer. I found out about this method a while ago and loved it from the moment I saw the first examples. When I tell people about this, the first question I always get is: “But what is the Brenizer method”? Basically it comes down to the following. You make a panorama photo shot with a lens longer than average and with a very shallow depth of field (DOF). For example I love to use the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM. You basically can use any lens above 50mm with a wide aperture. Once you stitched the images your final result will be a photo with an almost impossible DOF and a very wide angle view. The example shown here was shot with a 85mm lens and an aperture of f/1.8. I shot 32 photos. I used a “Brenizer calculator” to calculate the final ‘artificial’ exif, which was 23mm with an aperture of f/0.48. It was my commissioned Brenizer shoot ever and regardless the sloppy composition, the disturbing wall on the right, the fact I had to clone out an red/white chain from behind the girls, I am pretty happy with the end result. So how do you do it?: Here my brief Brenizer method turorial. Make a test shot and check your light (speed and aperture), focus, and white balance. Make sure you set your focus to manual, your shutters speed to manual, and choose (manually) a wide aperture. (and if you are familiar with it, also manually set your white balance or at least make sure you shoot in RAW. So you can synchronize the white balance in a RAW editor for all your shots) Once you are satisfied start with […]

We have finished a new round of crea kids workshops at my daughters school and also this time it was a huge success. Again we had four friday afternoons to create two trick photos for each kid. We did it a bit different this time and we started with floating food instead of people. Which was actually a lot of fun and give a lot of new options to play with. Of course there is a huge difference if you are letting food hover or a person so also for me and Ramona it was a nice challenge to get everything as planned. The last two sessions we used to make shots with the picture frames we used during the earlier workshops. The group did really put in some effort to get good results and that was very nice to experience and showed in the end results. I am still using the same principle as we did when I started with these workshops. First think and try to create in your head (explore your creativity) and secondly start creating (put your thoughts into something tangible). And it still works like a charm. It is so much fun to see how most of them struggle in the beginning trying to grasp the idea and technique. But once the get it, it is so nice to see how their minds start to spin and how the ideas keep on coming. In other words, another successful series of workshops.  

Photo challenge Project 50mm is still going strong, but the end is near. Nine weeks to go and then the grand finale. A full year is a very long time but for me it still works as expected and I still try to better my photography with my 50mm prime lens. I have to admit it is getting a bigger challenge every week and especially now I have bought a new prime lens (85mm) which resides in my camera bag and make my fingers itch to start working with. But for now this weeks shots. Enjoy! Nicki Joan Betty The gallery with the other photos can be found here

The Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM my new prime lens which I had my eye on for a while. I doubted for a while if I would save a whole lot more money to buy the f/1.2 version but that didn’t fit in my budget. It all started with me reading about the Brenizer effect (more on that later). I read that for this it would be wise to use a prime with a low aperture and a bit longer focal length than usual. So I ended up with the EF 85mm f/1.8 and after some first tests I gotta say – I am loving it. What a beautiful lens it is. Nice bokeh, great sharpness and high focus speed. I was able to buy it secondhand from our local camera shop, and it is only three months old, so still in perfect condition. I consider myself lucky. Here are some specs: Focal Length & Maximum Aperture 85mm 1:1.8 Lens Construction 9 elements in 7 groups Diagonal Angle of View 28° 30′ Focus Adjustment Rear focusing system with USM Closest Focusing Distance 0.85m / 2.8 ft Filter Size 58mm Max. Diameter x Length, Weight 3.0″ x 2.8″, 15.0 oz. / 75.0 x 71.5mm, 425g So I am ahead of many new adventures with this new piece of glass and I can’t wait to test it to it’s full extend.

My first communion shoot. Today Larissa and Cassandra had their holy communion and their mother asked me to shoot some nice memories. So I did, it was a first for me and didn’t know what to expect. So not all my images shall be the standard communion shoot photos but I am more than pleased with the final result. On top of all I also tried the Brenizer effect on a few shots and that really amazed me how that ended up. On the gallery page you will find the other images

Today I received an email telling me I managed to get the 4th photo published on Who would have imagined that. Again it is a photo from my bearded series, but this time it was a shot from the second session. I am still waiting if they also accept another photo which I shot of Nickita. I would be nice to see a photo on that website which does not show my face for once. I am still working on many other ideas,, but I know for sure that I am going to stick to my new way of processing. Not only because I love it but also due to the fact others seem to like it. Below the photo that was accepted by the curators. Follow this link to go to my profile on UPDATE: 10th of April 2015 This photo is today on the ‘popular’ flow on the home page. How cool is that.

Happy faces this week, a lot of fun during our easter dinner. Started with Nicki to play a tickle game which ended in a lot of laughter, and did the same with Joan with the same result. This all made my mom laugh and so we had a full circle. So nothing more to tell, just enjoy. Nicki Joan Betty The gallery with the other photos can be found here

The internet is a place where I spend a huge amount of time, to learn, to be inspired, to promote, and to get appreciation. Mainly photography related. Of course I have a website (the one you are looking at now) and a Facebook page. I use both to show and promote my work. Next to my Facebook page I also have a personal Facebook account with which I visit photography related groups. In these groups I post photos to get feedback and to discuss about my work and that from others. It is a nice way to spend your spare time if nothing better presents itself. Curator Websites But next to these I also participate on several other websites. Mainly what they call curator websites. For those not familiar with curator websites, these are sites where you can post your work and other people, sometimes other members, and sometimes professionals, will comment on, and criticize your work. And you as submitter hope to receive good critiques and comments, as in peers who appreciate your work. Every curator website has its own way of handling these comments and critique (CC). Some award you for the number of likes, and others are mainly driven by the judgement of the website administrators. Competition Websites Next to the curator websites I also try my luck once in a while by joining a competition. There are several examples that you can find on the internet. My impression is that they differ a lot. Not only in the prices they award but also in the way they judge your work. There are photo competitions that are mainly judged by other members and in my opinion that is all about the number of friends or followers you have. The more you promote your work the more votes […]