Monthly Archives: March 2015

For the third time one of my photos has been published on This is so great, I’m thrilled and feeling very proud. It also make my mind spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do next. I do realize I cannot drain this series for ever and I do have to come up with something new.  But I definitely will try to get more photos published on As soon as I have new ideas I will let you all know. For now I will just be enjoying my little success.

Week 40 already, time is passing quickly while having fun they say, and how true is that. Almost missed this week due to the fact my mom was not feeling vibrant enough to join us for the weekly dinner date that we have. But I still managed to get the shots for this week in. Back to my old style that I used to use for Project 50mm. I was a bit distracted by the new style that I have been using for my new Bearded Selfies project but I still manage to be true to the original style. So for me it is a good exercise and to make sure I can deal with different styles at the same time. This weeks entries for project 50mm, Mom was shot at her house during daylight and the other girls were shot later that day in the kitchen after dinner. So again different light settings which causes a bit of a mismatch but for me that doesn’t bother me. Enjoy and please give me your comments and critique. Nicki Joan Betty The gallery with the other photos can be found here

A whole day on the streets of Amsterdam, a bit forced due to the fact there was a lot of time between two appointments but nevertheless a wonderful day. And yes I did bring my DSLR and had plenty of time to walk passed the canals and old streets. At the end of the day, back home, I looked at the images and came to the conclusion that the only option I had was to follow the example of my colleague Vincent van Kooten, to go for black and white. Vincent makes beautiful street photography, mainly in his home town of Rotterdam and most of the time he converts his photos to black and white. So here are my 20 cents. Hope you can appreciate them. More in this gallery

I’m really happy to announce that my second photo has been published on OneExposure After I had a photo published last week I was bold enough to try a second one and success! It’s a photo from the same series and is seems that this series is a winner. So I will continue being bold and by the end of the week I will submit a third one. Hopefully with the same success. It is great to receive all the positive comments and remarks as soon as you get published. On other websites I get many request for an explanation on how I get the effect done. I never realized that I was actually doing something extraordinary. Yes of course I liked the end results and the effect otherwise I would not create the images the way I do, but now it seems  that the manipulation that I use is special is such a way that it makes people wonder. I actually prepared a video that shows the actual steps to achieve this result but at the moment I am reluctant to put it online. Almost a bit afraid to give away the secret of this ‘Pisa-effect’. More to come I hope.

Yet another week for Project 50mm, my 52 weeks photo project. The light is returning and the evenings are getting longer, but unfortunately I seem to miss it every week again. So still working with the artifical light from our kitchen. So again three portraits this week. This time I managed to find 3 shot where the ladies don’t show thier happiest face but some how it seems to wrok for me. I will try to shoot them on their happiest next week. Nicki Joan Betty The gallery with the other photos can be found here

I tried, many, many times to get a publication on and now… my first publication on is a fact. I finally managed to get published and wow, does that makes me feel proud. I submitted a self portrait from the bearded series which I made a week ago. After I received many good comments and critique on several other websites, I thought “what the heck” lets try on 1x. So I uploaded my ‘self portrait’ on and was hoping for the best. I discovered that they show you some sort of score while your photo is under curation and in the beginning it kept on 75%, not knowing if this was a good or bad thing I was just hoping for the best. Then I started to receive curator comments, which were kind of good but my score dropped under 65%, so what the hell was going on. Was I again missing the boat? And then out of the blue, I received an email congratulating me with my publication on Looking at the comments I got on my other work form the same series I will be trying to still my hunger for more by submitting the others for curation also…. check this link for my publication on

Man! I am on a roll, yet another ‘inspiration’ photo on It seems without an end at the moment. And I am almost for sure there are more to come.I managed to get several decent shots from one session and I’m releasing them one by one to the different curator websites. And on top of that I’m still full with new ideas to shoot. So please keep coming back for more. For a preview see the gallery with the other portraits