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April 2014 we flew to the USA, FLorida. We promised our daughter that we would visit Disney World a while ago, and now it was finally the right time to do so. So the four of us traveled to the sunshine state Florida. After a long flight and a long wait for our rental car we were finally able to drive to the hotel. And from that moment on our adventures started.We literally travelled around Florida (see the image in the left which represents all the photos we have made during our trip and the location where they were made)  We visited many places and attractions in the state of Florida, like Kennedy Space Center, the Everglades, Disney World, Sea World, and of course all the well known beaches and city centers.  We enjoyed a private airboat trip on the Everglades, ate some gator. We were amazed by the space shuttle in Cape Canaveral and impressed by all the rockets that were exhibitted at Kennedy Space Center. Follow this link to see the whole gallery Or just enjoy a few shots shown here below.We were washed away by the rain while we were visiting Sea World, and we were very lucky with the weather when we were visiting Disney World. We visited pirates and butterflies, we ate lobster and oversized burgers. So in short what did all. Looking back we had a nice holiday and we saw so many different places and cultures. It is definitely a place to visit again.

In 2013 we traveled to Menorca (Spain) with the four of us. My wife, my daughter, my foster son, and myself. And as usual I brought my gear to do some photography. Due to all different reasons we never had the time to go through the whole set to make a nice selection. So after two years I finally found the time to do so. And man, did I surprise myself. While I was editing I noticed that there was not the usual coherence which I normally see in my photos which I make during such a trip. Almost every edit was different and every subject I approached with a totally different view. So to be honest; I am not sure what to think of this collection myself and I am more then curious to your views and comments. For example there are the standard touristic shots and my typical way of shooting portraits. There are the extreme underwater shots I (for some strange reason) tend to make while snorkeling with my daughter, souped up with bright HDR like techniques. Sure, we did go to the zoo, and yes I did bring my close-up lens for some nice macro shots. I encountered some cool bugs, found some nice flowers and beautiful nature. But I also did some over the top street-photography. I loved the ‘festes de Sant Joan’ in Fornells, where they were riding the Menorquín horses following the Menorca tradition, and I loved the shopping streets in Ciutadella de Menorca. If you go to the gallery – 2013 Menorca you will understand what I mean by the diversity of the images. It still stuns me why I came home with so many different types of photos. So please let me know what you think of it. All I know for […]

For project 50mm I went on a completely different route this week, not following the rules of a 52 weeks project at all, but still an amazing result. This weeks photos are made by my six year old daughter Nickita and not by me. I love how she shows interest for photography and how she tries to make great shots. She takes the time to watch and tries to figure out what the best composition is. Not that she is following any photography rules, but it all seems to come natural. So again this weeks entries for project 50mm are made by Nicki. Nicki So this first shot is a selfie made by Nicki. I have to admit that she had a little help from me due to the fact that my Canon 5D with battery grip was a bit too heavy to hold with fully extended arms. But at the end she pointed the camera at herself and gave me directions what to do. The following shots are all made by Nicki without any help. It is fun to see how she supports the heavy camera body and how she waits for the right moment to press the shutter button. The shots are not posed, they were made while we were having dinner at the Greek restaurant. I was about to take some shot for project 50mm when Nicki asked me if she could take some pictures. By the time she was done dinner was served and I forgot all about taking pictures myself. Once at home my wife suggested that it would be fun if I would use our daughters photos. And so I did…. Joan Betty As a bonus I also added a photo she made of me, in the same style as the other shots. Fun […]

We just finished the first (of two) crea workshop ‘trick photography’ of this year at my daughters school. Again we had four afternoons with 6 kids (between 10 and 12 years old) to explore the wonders of trick photography (and especially floatation photography and double exposures). We used the same techniques as we did during the last workshops. On the top left you see the first example where we used a table to balance Jayden on so he could perform a overhead kick. One of the other kids held the ball. Back home we used the clean shot to mask the table and the assistant. See this tutorial which shows the technique used for this kind of photography. Another example can be found on the right. Here we used double exposure differently. After the second week Lois broke her arm and she needed a cast. So the next session we thought of the idea to use this in the photo (hopefully an one time possibility.) We used the picture frame as a fake mirror. On one side nothing is wrong with her arm and in her reflection her arm is in a cast. I have the say it was a bit more complex to do this due to the ‘assistants’ who were holding the frame (it would stay upright by itself) So at the end we used 4 shot to make this composition. Two for Lois (back and front view) and two to mask away both assistants. Also this time we had lots of fun, Jayden, Cheyenne, Renee, Nino, Arthur, and Lois thanks a lot! And last but not least, Ramona, thanks a lot for the help. Unfortunately we cannot show all result here due to not getting permission from all the parents. Maybe better next time. Below all the photos, which can also be found […]

Something different for Project 50mm this week. I have been playing with the Greenberg Effect last week and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. So it was not a difficult decision to go for the same effect for project 50mm. I still have some difficulty with cutting out the hair. I used a clean background with an even light, but it still gave me a hard time. I do like the whole effect and I think these are a good addition to project 50mm. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty