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For a while I have been looking for a good before and after plugin that can show a before and after photo in WordPress. And I think I just found it. (link) Unfortunately it is a plugin of which the support stopped 4 years ago. But nevertheless I decided to give it a try. And after some tweaking (mostly due to my own theme) I got it working the way I want. Show please see below for a few examples. I used the shots of last week which i made for project 50mm. Just move the slider which is initial in the middle of the photo to the left or the right to see the before or the after version of the photo. Or use the links directly under the photo. Please let me know if you like the way the plugin works and I’m also curious what you think of the way how I processed the photos. So please leave your comments at the end of this post. Nicki Joan Betty

I have been playing with this idea in my head for the next crea workshop trick photography on my daughters school. Last year we tried to play with floatation and multiple exposures. And next to that we also did some shots where we used a frame. (see the gallery for the earlier workshops) But I always wanted to use a laptop screen as a frame. So today I did a shot with my daughter to tryout a few things. Below you see the best shot. It still needs a lot of rework in Photoshop, and I know I can do way better with the editing, but hey for a first (quick) tryout… The trick is simple. Just shoot two photo’s one with the arm and without the laptop, and one the other way around. I actually just closed the lid of my laptop for the shot without the screen. Then combine the two photos in a program like Adobe Photoshop. I actually set the background of my laptop screen to green so I could easily remove it (green screen principle). Remove the inner space of the laptop screen and you are done. One of the easiest trick photography that you can do, and is easy to understand for kids. If you happen to know any tick photography techniques that are easy to understand for kids please let me know so I can consider to use them during one of the workshops. update: I have added a new version of this shot which I think is a bit better. Comments are welcome

Fun, that is the theme for this week, laughter and fun, we had a joyful week and a very happy ‘Omie’ due to the fact she is done with the chemotherapy. So the three favourite women in my life, all laughing and happy, what else do I need to wish for. I can’t really say more about this weeks entries. But I assume that, this is enough said. More next week. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty

Once in a while I like to bring my camera while I am driving to work. I know it is not the safest way to photograph (you know; moving vehicle, both hand on the steering wheel, focus on the road, etc.) But there are these days you have this gut feeling that you will encounter something on the road that you should not miss. During this time of the year we have the most beautiful skies here in the Netherlands. When I woke up there was already a hint of orange that might predict nice skies. So I grabbed my Canon 5D, 50mm f/1.4 prime and stepped in the car. And I was not mistaken, after driving for a while the sun started to rise and this produced the most beautiful Dutch skies you can imagine. I am not saying that i shot the most beautiful Dutch landscapes or clouds or anything else close to that. Nope just the color in the sky was so wonderful. Of course driving (moving), camera-shake (low light conditions) and miss-aimed shots (shooting while driving) aren’t the best ingredients for a great shot. But somehow I managed to get these (lucky) shots and I must admit, I like them in a weird kind of way. I cannot tell you if this has to do due to the fact that they are ‘my’ shots, or because I just like the weirdness of them. I know the shot are not focussed correctly, and composition could be a lot better but if you look at them and deal with them as being abstract it is a whole different ballgame. I am curious what you think of them. Can you accept them as art, or just as fun shot/snapshots, of maybe you have a different way of looking at […]

Week 30 for project 50mm. Mom is feeling a lot better, even while she has the flu. She is a tough lady. With my other girls we did something different this week. Both drinking their (children)cappuccino whilst I was shooting. Joan as usual just being herself. Nicki is getting more and more aware of the camera. Every single week she shows more awareness and for me it is hard to ignore that so it does not show in my photos. But up till now I think I managed quite well. Please judge for yourself and let me know in the comments what you think of it. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty

Yet another week in the project. My mom had her final chemotherapy and she is already improving. All we can do now is hope for the best en I really do hope that she will start to feel a lot better. It is time for her to start smiling again. The photo here shows her on her worst moment during the days after the chemo. So as we like to say; from now on the only way is up. My other girls are just moving on as usually, and they are happy. Especially Nicki is beaming. She shines whole day and I think the picture shows exactly what I talking about. I am running behind for a whole week with the project, but it seems I will be able to catch up this week. But the fact I need to catch up shows how hard it is to maintain a project like this. As usual you can find the gallery with the other photos here Nicki Joan Betty

While shooting for Project 50mm, I made this picture, which I have not used for the project. But personally I think it is absolutely worth it to show it here on my site. As many of you know my mother is going through a difficult time due to cancer and chemotherapy. The latter is hopefully a cure for this terrible disease. This shot was taken a few days after the last chemotherapy session and this means that she will feel at her worst. So all we can do is hope for a speedy recovery and that we are seeing some improvement in her health. So I converted it to black and white with Niksoft SilverEfex 2 and did my usual adjustments which I normally do for project 50mm. But more on that later. the other project shots can be found in this gallery