Yearly Archives: 2014

It took a while but today we finally had time to go to the woods and start on part two of “Paint your dreams”. A little project I do with my six year old daughter. We think of scenes where we can combine a photo of the scenery with a kids drawing. We did this a while ago (see other images in the gallery) For today we picked the theme animals. At first we started the think of situations where animals were hiding on a funny way (see the giraffe). We came up with many other scenes but Nicki still needs to make the drawings for those so that can take a while (We don’t want to rush the creative process do we.) While we were hiking through the forest there were some small puddles due to the rain of the day before and we came up with the idea to start fishing and looking for sharks. Officially the fishing photo is not painted by her, and she is not using her paint brush, but it did fit the rest of the series. With the shark photo we had a lot of fun while we took the picture and even more when she started to make the kids drawing. Nicki was pleasantly surprised by the idea that she could get this result by just painting a small triangle. You’ve got to love the way kids think. Finally we went to a small meadow with a bit of water, because we were walking around the whole time with the idea to do this with a whale. Unfortunately all the waters were too small for a whale. Even for a fantasy whale. But at the end we did find the right spot. I do hope you line the idea and if you have suggestions please […]

Week 16 of my photo project. Nothing special this week, but still managed to get some shots in. We had a busy weekend and we were all very tired. So to be honest I was happy to get any shots at all. So no big comments or explanation. Just three shots of the ladies. Nicki Joan Betty

And another week of my photo challenge Project 50mm. Week 14 already, it is passing by faster than I could imagine and so far it was very easy to get the weekly shots. This week we did just some relaxed shots for project 50mm while we were sitting at the dinner table. Just being relaxed and laughing. And most of all it is good to see my mom getting back on he feed. The funny thing is that it get harder every week to make a single selection. The longer we are doing this the better the possible candidates get, and the more difficult to choose. Nicki Joan Betty

My daughter was reading a book before going to bed and I imagined that she would see all these different worlds created by her fantasy. This gave me the idea to create a dreamy image (sorry don’t have any other words for it). Luckily she was sitting close to some colorful pillows so it was easy to create the effect with Photoshop