Monthly Archives: September 2014

And another week of my photo challenge Project 50mm. Week 14 already, it is passing by faster than I could imagine and so far it was very easy to get the weekly shots. This week we did just some relaxed shots for project 50mm while we were sitting at the dinner table. Just being relaxed and laughing. And most of all it is good to see my mom getting back on he feed. The funny thing is that it get harder every week to make a single selection. The longer we are doing this the better the possible candidates get, and the more difficult to choose. Nicki Joan Betty

My daughter was reading a book before going to bed and I imagined that she would see all these different worlds created by her fantasy. This gave me the idea to create a dreamy image (sorry don’t have any other words for it). Luckily she was sitting close to some colorful pillows so it was easy to create the effect with Photoshop