Monthly Archives: June 2014

After I shot the first photo of Nickita, my daughter for my new project – Project 50mm. I realized that for me it would be even more challenging and also more interesting to not only shoot photo’s off Nicki for this project, but use the most important women in my live for this project. My daughter, my wife and my mother (not in this particular order). It would also be interesting because not only they all have their own, very typical, facial expressions, but also due to the fact that that they span three generations. The one that preceded me, my own generation, and the one that will succeed me. My mother, my wife and my daughter. I have discussed and explaing my project to all of them and the three of them all agreed in helping me out. So the project has started for real now and the first results can be found in the previous post.

Have been thinking for a while now to start a new project. I do know that I am not the right guy for a 365 day challenge. I know for sure that I would annoy the hell out of my family if I would be walking around with my camera every single day for a whole year. And on top of that during workdays it would not be that interesting to document. So I looked on the inter-web and found some nice other challenges. Project 52 / 50mm There are projects based on subject, like your family, object in your life, or even more abstract things like doors you find beautiful. So many possibilities to choose from – so it will be hard to pick one. There are project based on list that people put together – not my kind of thing to do other peoples fantasies. And of course there are the projects I thought of my self way back but which never actually got of the ground. So what to do? After a few thoughts I came to the conclusion that I should do the best of all of them. So combine a time-frame, set duration, a subject, a specific technique, and make it a challenge. So I came up with Project 50mm. A variation on a Project 52 challenge. Every week, for 52 weeks (1 year), make a photo of my daughter (a family member), with my 50mm prime lens on my DSLR, and don’t dare to miss a single week. I actually got challenged on Facebook by one of my friends, to shoot one photo per day showing your life for 5 days. The problem was that I have so many series the show 5 days of my life that this would not be challenging enough. […]

A wonderful day and some spare time. My 5 year old daughter and I decided that we wanted to go for a ride with the cabrio and shoot some trick photography shots while we were on the way. She decided on her own what we had to shoot, she wanted to use the picture frame and the stool. So it would be a combination of floating and framed. We had a wonderful day, and at the end we went to a nice restaurant and had a fancy dinner together. Once at home we picked the shots and I started to do the afterwork. See below for the results. I love to see how she gets involved and start to use her own creativity.