We started with ┬ánew workshop sessions for the Crea-workshops – Trick Photos. A new group of six kids exploring their creativity by being challenged to create a trick photo. We started with the same concepts as I did last time. A floating photo where the kids were challenged to come up with an idea to make a photo in which they were floating, flying or in any way not supported by the ground. And again they came with pretty cool ideas. For the next session we introduced a picture frame. So basically we use the same technique, but of course with a different outcome. Luckily I had support this time form Ramona, she helped me with the kids and also while we were shooting. So some of the photos you see in the gallery were made by her. The Agenda: The workshop consists of four afternoons, so this is the agenda we used first afternoon: Show presentation on what we are about to do, and start thinking of ideas and put them on paper second afternoon: Create the photo that they came up with the week before third afternoon: Start working on the next idea for the following week fourth afternoon: Create the second photo (afterwards: we started to edit the photos and the kids were asked to pick their favorite and we ordered the prints)   So we are not teaching them how to photograph nor how to edit the photos, but it’s all about being creative and using your brain to come up with ideas. And again I was surprised by the outcome, same as last time the kids were holding back in the beginning not knowing what to expect, but after the first results we noticed a huge leap forward in their way of thinking. So for […]