Yearly Archives: 2014

New entries for project 50mm. This week I tried something new. A beauty disc, and darn, I really need to get used to it. I never worked with it before and I have to say that until now the results are not what I expected. Probably this has to do with the size of the disc. But on the other side, the beauty disc I’m using is a cheap one. It is a small beauty disc, but I was hoping that it would give the ring effect you can see in people their eyes. So I need to experiment a bit more. New changes next week. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty

Week 23, almost half way with my photo challenge project. And a challenge it is. I always had the intention that it would be quick and easy shots once a week. But due to the shorter days during winter it is more and more difficult to get the right light without adding flash or studio setup. So maybe I should start using more light, but for now I still manage with the light that is available at the different scenes. Still very proud of my mom, this shot was made just a day after the had the third chemo after the operation. And she still manages to look good. For Nicki and Joan I did a quick shoot right after we had dinner tonight. So hopefully next week we have a bit more time. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty

This week it all took a bit longer to get the right shots for my photo challenge. Joan was in bed ill and not up to pose for the shot, and I myself was preoccupied with other things on my mind. So today I made the last shot for week 21 and during coming weekend we are already shooting for week 22. This does show that it is not always easy to stick to the challenge, and it also make me wonder if people who do a 365 photo challenge actually manage to make a shot a day whilst I already find it challenging to do it once a week. So to be honest, not my best shots and I need to find my mojo again. But hey that is probably why they call it a challenge. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty

It was bound to happen. You can’t always score the full 100%. This weeks photos for my project 50mm photo challenge aren’t that great. I wanted to try something new and I totally got it wrong. Judge for yourself (comments are welcome). By asking the girls to lay down on a big pillow their faces were a bit deformed and didn’t show them on their best. So I will to do better next week. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty

I am starting to enjoy this photo challenge more and more with every week that passes. It keeps your photo brain stimulated and for me that is a good thing. I noticed that since I am started this photo challenge that I’m aiming more and more on finding similarities in my way of photography and not seeking for perfection, which I normally did (and even how i started this photo challenge). It’s more fun to discover a new pose, or a new way of lighting and try to repeat that more than once. So the last shoots you see that I try to repeat the technique and not shoot totally different shot for each of my ladies. I do hope you will enjoy it again. The gallery with the other photos can be found here Nicki Joan Betty

Another old favorite from 1996, this time I chose a diapositive which was processed by a technique called cross processing. Actually that is developing a diapositive the wrong way, using developer chemicals for normal film, which give all different kind of results depending on the type and brand of film used and also on the brand of developer chemicals you use. Please let me know what you think of it via the comments. .

It took a while but I finally got my new Canon G16 with the Canon WP-DC52 underwater housing. I was lucky that I had the option to order it in the US and got it here without shipping costs or taxes. So what did I exactly get. Basically it is a major upgrade of my Canon G12 and into addition to that an underwater housing which will protect my camera up to depths of 40 meters. I have always been very satisfied with my Canon G12 up till now. So I never really needed to replace my G12. But it was the better specs (faster, new options, etc) and the WIFI addition that made me decide to go for the upgrade. And I am happy I did. I already had some good results and am getting used to the small differences in operation. Of course there are also some things that I don’t like: The display is fixed RAW only available in P, Av, Tv and M mode. Flash needs to be pop-ep up when needed   But for me that are minor things. And on the other side, things I do love are: Wifi More compact design Faster operation speed Faster AF speed Better sensor Better optics Better results   Next to the camera I also purchased the leather case SC-DC85, which is a very expansive case (€95,-), but due to my experience with a similar case for my G12, I know it is worth the money. The times I have dropped my G12….. And no damage at all. So first things I did was buy this case and hope it will protect my Canon G16 as well as my G12 was protected. And last but not least I got the WP-DC52 underwater housing. I used to have a similar […]