Monthly Archives: December 2013

Below a few shots made during the last two shoots at Dharam’s place, some pics I couldn’t place in any other gallery but I thought they were worth showing here i guess. In this gallery you will find Mart, Nicki, Mick, Joël, Delano, Noah and Guilia. Many thanks to all of them

Mick (Rob and Carolien’s son) has a toy motorbike and he loves it. When they came over for a studio shoot he had brought it. So I took the opportunity to use this in the shoot and of course he had to do a shoot together with our daughter Nickita. The bike gave me a rough road movie feeling so I tried to get that emphasised in the edited versions, see below for the result.

More and more women get their baby bump painted. This is becoming a real hype and you can find plenty of examples when you search the internet. Most of them also do a photo shoot with the painted belly so they can use the photo for the baby cards when the baby is born. A lot of women complain about the fact it takes too long to sit thru the painting session and also do (the same day) a photo shoot. I think we found a solution. Tattooed baby bumps…. Not a real tattoo of course, but a photoshopped one. The fun part is that you only have to do the photo shoot and the rest can be done afterwards by editing the photo on the computer. And as an additional bonus we can even integrate the correct date as soon as the baby is born, something which is not possible with a pre-painted belly. (the examples shown here are just examples, so if someone recognises one of these beautiful women, I used fake names and dates on one of them and the other one is in the past) Are you interested? Contact us and we can discuss the options.

My best mate Rob and His wife Carolien are expecting a baby and I was very happy when they said yes to my proposal for a photo shoot. The real reason for this shoot will follow later, but for now a few photos for first impressions. Below a shot with Mick, their son. Check the gallery

Today I finally added new commissioned work to my website. I did a wonderful shoot with one of my daughters best friend and her older sister and younger brother. Cassandra, Larissa, and Youri came to the studio for a family portrait (a x-mas gift) and it was so much fun to do. Especially because I know Larissa and it is fun to see how the chemistry between her and Nicki (my daughter) is. Again Dharam lend me his office space as studio and this time I had all the room for my self. A wonderful place to work with so many different walls and corners to set up your studio, without the need of a studio background. Youri, the youngest gave me a hard time, He decided to follow his own plan for the day, but at the end I can say that I am satisfied with the result, and so was Monique (their mother). Want to see the other photos in the gallery, click here

While I was working on a photo shoot in the studio I came to the idea to use the wide spaced area and the large walls. I never unpacked my background. The walls were so rough that it worked perfectly for the setting I wanted. Once at home, behind my laptop I started to experiment a bit with the colours and other settings. Before I knew it, I had this graffiti like look and feel. So I decided to try this as a background for the studio shoot that I had doen that day. I immediately fell in love with the result and before I knew it I had a commissioned job where I asked to use this technique. I’ll put in on my to do list to create a tutorial video on how to do this (it is actually quite simple to do) contacted me with the question if they could use some of my work for their magazine. They are doing an article on smoke photography. Of course I said yes and at the same time I felt the urge to try to improve the work I did in 2008. So tried some improvements while I was in the studio but noticed that I need to experiment more with different props so the experiment will get a sequel.