Monthly Archives: November 2013

Marcia shot a few photos of her son Noah. And we came to the idea to use these for a tattoo make-over. Both shots had the perfect pose for a though boy with a tattoo. So I tried the little tattoo trick again in Photoshop. If I find the time I will write a tutorial on it. I probably went a bit over the top with the back piece but that is the whole idea of this series. Un realistic tattoo situations… Don’t be surprised if more will follow soon.

First rule of fight club is…. I found a nice tutorial on how to make dripping blood with Adobe Photoshop. Had a plan with a photo of my 5 year old daughter and halloween. When I was done it looked so realistic that after a short discussion with my wife we decided it was not fit to be put on the world wide web. So at the end I ended up with photoshopping a self portrait. Maybe I can convince my wife i can do a portrait of her as well.

Yesterday I did a commissioned photo shoot for a family portrait. The request was to do it outside. So earlier this week we had to cancel the shoot due to bad weather. But yesterday the weather was good enough. The next question was location, I had to come up with a location that would suit the client and was challenging enough for a great shoot. I remembered a skatepark where I went earlier for a wedding shoot. The funny thing was that this client knew the happy couple of which we did the wedding shoot at the same skatepark. They loved the idea and we were lucky enough that there was all new graffiti on the walls. So the vibrant colors worked really well in the portraits. The kids were exited and that was a fun challenge, but the fact that I knew the kids worked well and at the end they were all shouting ‘Fristiiiii’ for the best smiles. Some shots were combined in Photoshop to ensure everybody was looking at their bests, and the black and white were created in Silver Efex rom NikSoft. Click here to see the rest of the gallery [All shot with my Canon 5D mark II, 580 ex mk II and 24-70mm EF.]

I went on a little HDR photo trip in the neighborhood with Marcia and we came across this little church in Stompetoren. The church has a small graveyard en is surrounded by some huge trees. In other word the ideal situation for a nice HDR. It feels like the start of a new series. “Black and White churches in HDR”. Shot from hand, -2,0,+2 stops, all with my 16-35mm lens on the Canon 5D mark II. Edited with lightroom, photomatix, niksoft and photoshop. So it was a nice little project