Monthly Archives: October 2013

Quick experiment with an old photo made in Prague in 2007. Single shot duplicated with Lightroom to -2,-1,0,+1 stops exported to Photomatix, made the HDR back to lightroom, did some contrast adjustments, exported to Silver Efex from Niksoft for the black and white transformation, and back to Adobe Lightroom to do the final adjustments. In short, a nice little project.

A older video which I used to explain to the kids in the crea photo workshop how make a floatation photo. It’s not superb quality but it explains the concept

This year I had the opportunity to help at my daughter’s school (De Familie school) with what they call the creative afternoon. “Crea-middag” in Dutch. During four afternoons the kids will work in small groups on creative projects and in the end they will exhibit their work. How cool is that! It wasn’t my intention to teach them how to photograph with a DSLR, nor how to make the perfect trick shot. That would be an impossible task and would be frustrating for all parties involved. So I had to come up with a different approach. After a while I had the idea to stimulate their creative way of thinking. A short consultation with the teacher who was responsible for the organization, and it was soon decided that I was hatching on a good idea and that we had to work with it as soon as possible. Then the question arises. What should we do then? This all took time during the period that I had again picked up the floatation photos and I soon it became clear to me that this was the perfect match. Kids, floating, creativity, photography and workshop! Photo workshop Because four days is a long time for six kids and one tutor, I came with the idea to let them work only on paper for the first day. (After they saw a short presentation on how to make a floatation photo). Just let their creativity do all the work for them. I considered this a huge risk but before we knew it, they were all thinking, drawing and ‘creating’. I was positively surprised by their creativity and the ideas they imagined. Of coarse some of them were a bit over the top (floating 50 meters above the ground, or climbing in a pole 20 meters […]