Monthly Archives: September 2013

My first screencast where I show how I created the poker Photo in the Nicki Staged series. It is just so you get a feeling how it was done. I’am showing which steps I took in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. So it might give you some ideas for your own work. Next time I will make it more of a tutorial.

New shoot in the Nicki Staged series. This time we worked with the antique gramophone player. I was struggling with the light during this shoot because the horn is made of shining brass and again I needed to light two faces. I have done a lot of additional work in Lightroom and Photoshop to get to this result. And it seems that I am already getting the right setting. I managed to get the same tone as in the previous shoot. We also played a bit with additional props this time. The next shot we made with a stethoscope, and Nickita loved it to listen to the mechanism inside. I was hoping the that the combination of sound and stethoscope would work nice together. Everything was lit with a small flash, a studio head with grid and a regular studio head. For the final shot I was looking for the combination between old and new. And closing the generation gap. Nicki was actually asking me when we could play her CD. At the end she came to the conclusion that this was not possible because the hole in the center of her CD was too large for the pin on the gramophoneplayer Рhow sweet. Curious about the next shoot? Come back once in a while and I will keep you posted.

We have been working on a new series. The whole idea is to set staged situations between father and daughter. So the first one is staging a poker game between father and daughter. It’s still undecided who is the winner. In the first photo dad is the big loser and in the second photo dad wins all the money, even all the college money was at stake. Please let me know which one is your favorite. To see the other photos, please visite the gallery.

Today I did two studio shots with Nickita, my daughter. The last one was just a test with my new radio transmitter and receiver for my flash units. Always fun to play with light and colors. Check the gallery to see the other shots.  

Did a shot as an example for the workshop “Trick Photography” at my daughters school. A floating photo of a (in my humble opinion, impossible) yoga pose.   Four days with 6 kids from 11 years till 12 years old, teaching them how to make a trick photo. The main focus is on the creative process and not on the technical side of photography. I was hoping that they would start to think out of the box. And man o man you got to love the imagination of a child. In other words – success!

Once in a while you just walk into a setting that you can’t ignore. We were visiting the¬†American Motorcycle Museum in Raalte when we encountered this old tractor, which is for sale by the way. The kids started to climb it and we took some shots. My eye fell on a little stool next to the barn, so before we knew it we were make floating photos. It was the first time for Mart to pose but he enjoyed it. And of coarse I couldn’t ignore Nickita, so she climbed on the tractor too as you can see in the shot below. For those curious how this was done, check my previous articles on floatation photos. Regarding the work done on these shot; mainly they we both edited the same way. I did the floating trick, added motion blur to the background, added radial blur to the wheels with Adobe Photoshop and spiced them up a bit in Adobe Lightroom. Both were shot with my Canon G12 and without tripod (had to use a fencepost for stability)