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I went back last weekend to make an other HDR panorama from the Corus Steel area. I took a bit more time, but the image is still not what I wanted. There was too much shadow in the front (sun was still too low) and someone placed a big barge in front of the scenery. So I think I need to go back once more (later during the day and hoping that they removed the barge. Click on the image to see the large version.

Exactly 1 month ago my father passed away. This happened during night-time. After we left the hospital it was 6 a.m. It was still dark outside (the sun just started to rise.) We drove by some farmland that was crowded with horses. My father has been busy with horses his whole life. So of coarse this scenery reminded us of my father. It was a foggy morning and there was a full moon, so plenty of light o see the horses in the fog. Both my wife and me loved the view. Last night I decided to go back and bring my camera. I got up really early so I would be there before sunrise. This morning also was a foggy morning. When I arrived there were a few horses but the were grazing on the other end of the field so it was almost impossible to photograph them. It was new moon so I also missed the additional light. And as I could have expected, it was not the same scenery as the one in my memories. But I made the 90 minutes trip and it was a beautiful morning. I brought my gear so why not take a picture. And I did. Actually is shot several that I think are worth showing you. But lesson learned is that it is almost impossible to photograph these kind of emotions or memories if you wait too long, during time they evolve in your mind and you will loose track. The first picture is actually a HDRi.

I read several tutorial about how to make ‘fake tilt’ photographs or ‘fake scale model’ photographs. And I decided it was time to try for myself. Also due to the fact that I still want to experiment with scale model photography and combine these with ‘fake scale models’ (looks like an interesting subject to play with). So here are my first ‘fake scale model’ shoots. The whole idea is that you create an image that shows the viewer a scenery that looks like a scale model but is in fact a real scenery. Just imagine that you combine these images with ‘real’ scale model photographs…. This will give you numerous options to play around with. You can mix reality with fiction and the other way around. The pictures seen here were taken at the entrance of Corus Steel IJmuiden and I think I’m getting the hang of it. All it comes down to is taking the right picture (high viewpoint, scenery that fits model world, and awareness of disturbing objects in your scenery) and then a lot of tweaking and toying in Photoshop. How-to’s can be found at several sites on the internet (google on; ‘tutorial fake tilt’) I am thinking about writing my own how to, but more about that later.

Way too many ideas and no time, there are so many cool projects that I want to start, but it looks impossible to find the time to actually get started. HDR combined with stacking photographs Alright, I still need the perfect HDR shot but I also want to combine this with stacking. Basically what it comes down to is that you shoot on a busy location for an HDR photo and with stacking you eliminate all moving object. Scale model photography Use H0 scale models (used for the model trains sceneries) to created your own set-up and situation. Too many ideas in my head, but the main idea is that it needs to be humorous situations. Or situations that are impossible in a real world. Fake scale model photography Okay this is the opposite of the above. And actually this is pretty cool. You take a real life photo and make it look like if you shot a photo of scale models. So you let a real photo look like a fake situation. This all is done via several manipulations with Photoshop or a similar tool. Planet shaped 360 degree photography. When you shoot a panorama photo that covers 360 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees vertical you will be able manipulate this in Photoshop and give a planet shape. (Google on: ‘360 degrees photography planet’, and you will find several examples) Macro photography (Insects) This is pretty straight forward, close-up photography of insects. I am still chasing that perfect macro shot. Funny thing is that I have this idea in my head of shooting ants. But the shitty thing is that we do not have ants in our garden. And I refuse to use and methods that hurt or harm animals (like putting them in the fridge or freezer) So […]

I got a PhotoTrack from GiSTEQ. A clever little device that records GPS locations on a time interval. Due to the fact that your digital photos have a date and time stamp it is possible to match your photos to the GPS data from the GPS logger. This process is called GeoTagging. You are tagging your photos with geographical data. This data is stored in the EXIF data of your digital photo. Several programs and websites can extract this data and use it to plot your images on a map. Good examples are, Picasa, Flickr, Locr, Google maps and Google Earth. I wouldn’t be surprised if Virtual Earth by Microsoft is also offering this service. (But I still need to investigate) When I have had the time to do some experiments, I will let you know what I think of the little nifty device

Did some studio work with my baby daughter Nicki. Most was done with natural light from the left and a white paper background. When these shots were taken she was 6 weeks old. If you click on the thumbnail you will be taken to the gallery where you will find the other photo’s of this shoot. Luckely it was a warm day so it was not a problem to let the little one out in the open for a while, so she was calm and relaxed during the whole shoot. Actually the whole shoot did not take more then 10 minutes. It is important to make sure that you work fast. When you loose the baby’s attention it’s better to stop and try an other time [shot with Canon 5D, 24-70, f/2.8, 100 iso, daylight, mixed with softbox]

Today I stopped by the road when I saw some poppies. Last summer I already had this idea in my head but never had the opportunity to take the right picture. This one gets close to the initial idea. The picture has been adjusted in Lightroom, end set to monochrome colours. Then I combined the monochrome image with te original image in Photoshop with the original on top of the monochrome. With the eraser I erased everything from the top layer except the red poppy. You see the result on the right. This is what I love about digital imaging. 15 years ago I used to get the same result by printing a black & white photo and then colouring with transparant ink. Hell of a job to achieve. And now the result is way better. I will try to scan some of the old photos that were ink coloured, and place them on the site. [shot with Canon 5D, 24-70mm f2.8, daylight, polarization filter]

I got this idea about doing some selfportraits. Here is the first try. Played with Lightroom to get the light color temp, contrast and sharpness. When this was set correctly, I decided to use Photoshop to remove the gray background and switch from RGB color to black and white. At the end I shifted the whole composition to the left to hide the collar of my t-shirt. Peronally, I am happy with the result. I’m thinking about doing a whole serie, the same way I have done while I was on the academy. so in the near future there will be more to come. My first idea is to start with all different faces, all black and white, in a low key setting. So we have to wait how it will workout. Click here for the gallery. [shot with Canon 5D, 24-70mm f2.8, daylight]

After I had uploaded a new Photo on it was voted Photo of the day. After a few days it even became photo of the week. Unfotunately I did not make it to photo of the month , but hey personally I am a bit proud. When you click on the thumbnail on the left you will find a screenshot of the website. It is the series of my mum that people voted on. The final score was a 9.8 out of 10.

I joined a fun place where you can upload photographs and other members give comments (advice and tips). It is also possible to vote for a picture of the day / week / month. It is a Dutch site so not really fun for the english visitors, but for those who want to visit my plofile please follow this link.