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If you experience dark and flat colors when you print to your Canon Selphy from Adobe Lightroom, don’t worry. There is a easy solution to fix this problem. You need an ICC printer profile. And you need to activate it in Lightroom. Tested on a Canon Selphy ES-30 (but should give same result on older models) Here is what you need to do: Download the profile canon-selphy.icc. Save it somewhere on your PC where you will be able to find it again. Go to the file and double click it. (or right click and choose ‘install profile’) Then open Lightroom and select the photos that you want to print to your Canon Selphy. Got to the print module and on the right side scroll down to ‘color management’ There you can set your profile, click on the arrows next to ‘managed by printer’ and choose ‘other’, the ‘Canon Selphy.icc’ should be in the list. If not something went wrong at step 3. Make sure you set the other settings like ‘page setup’ and everything else you want to change Press print. You should have a photo printed by your Canon Selphy that has the right colors and the right contrast. Hope this helped. And if you want to read more about ICC profiles then follow this link International Color Consortium. UPDATE: I have found an ICC profile for the Selphy CP720. I do not have that model but maybe you do and is this file helpfull. Use the file following the method described above. Download the profile Selphy-CP720-OK.icc.

I bought a Canon Selphy, a small photo printer that is easy to use and compact in storage. After some consideration I decided to go for the ES30 model, due to the fact that I do not need the internal storage. So I didn’t need the ES3 model which was more expensive. The first test was a print from a memory card that can be plugged into the device. And I have to say I was slightly impressed (looking at the price / quality ratio). Then I decided to place the photo on my PC and connect the Selphy via an USB cable and print via the Lightroom print module. I used the included software, Ulead Photo Express LE. I got the same result as when I printed from the memory card. After toying a bit with Photo Express I decided to try printing via Adobe Lightroom 2.0. I used the printer module in LR and I was shocked by the result. The photos were too dark, did not had any contrast, and the colors were too flat. Huge problem! All my work is stored in Lightroom and if I want to print something, I would like to do this via Lightroom. Several searches via Google did not bring my any result. So I decided to call the Canon service center, big mistake! Total waste of money! A very rude conversation via the telephone, and no solution was given. But I will spare you the details. After several more searches I found an article that described a similar problem but for an older Selphy model. They writer suggested to use an ICC profile. I could have figured that out by myself. But the problem is that you need expensive hard- and software to create a good profile. Then in another […]

I finally took the step and bought my underwater housing for m y compact camera. I own a Canon Digital IXUS 75. For this camera Canon offers a underwater house of the shelf. Until now I only used it once but I love the whole concept of experimenting with underwater photography. And especially now, since I started to swim with my baby daughter, it will offer me many opportunities for great shots. I am totally convinced by that. In the past I use to buy one of those disposable underwater cams, but now in the digital era it is good to own a digital version. When you buy the underwater housing, it comes completely with straps, flash diffuser, silicon gel, o-ring and manual. So you can start straight away. First shot I made was one in the sink to make sure it was really, really waterproof. (40 meters, as stated in the manual). The day after I took it to the swimmingpool. But more on that in a later article.     Like: The nice thing is that all the features are still accessible and function. At first it is scary to use your camera underwater, but after you have seen that it actually keeps the water out, it gives you a comfortable feeling when you know your camera is safe and protected It is a complete package, no need for accessories.   Dislike: You need to remove the wrist cord from the camera when you place it in de underwater housing. And because we always carry it on our wrist this is a little bit annoying. The price, the underwater house is actually more expensive then the camera. I was lucky that I could order it in the United States which was a huge price difference. (220,- EUR vs. […]