Monthly Archives: May 2007

You have a bunch of photo’s and they are stored on your hard-drive or maybe you are still using the old-fashioned way of storing your negatives and photos in a large cabinet where they are collecting dust or even worse, eaten by time. And even worse, every time you want to show off to your friends your dust allergy sticks his head up and you will be sneezing all over your valuable work. So what to do? I don’t know what you should do, but I can tell what I have done. I bought a film-scanner and started to scan my old negatives. By doing so I am sure that I have a back-up of my work and that I will make my life a lot easier when I want to work with my photos or when I want to show them to other people. Plus at the moment we do not have the space to build a darkroom so developing my photos is a no-go anyway. In the beginning I started with scanning my negatives and processed them in Adobe Photoshop. Hell of a job and after 50 rolls of film you start to dislike the whole process. Of course I had my share of digital photos already on my HD, so my digital collections started to grow. When I had a substantial amount I created a website and started to upload my work. For every picture I uploaded I had to adjust my HTML code. Again not a very nice job. Then I got introduced to Gallery2, a PHP, open source (so free), already build web gallery. I loved it. And I started to upload my photos. There I made the first mistake. I uploaded everything that I got. Forgetting one of the first lessons I had learned on school. […]

After purchasing the macro lens I felt the need for a new light source. So I went to my photo shop and got some advice. I had my mind set on the Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX, Canon’s macro flash. But €500,- was a bit too much. I got the advice to go for the Sigma Flash, which only costs €330,-. Luckily this was a good advice. I am very happy with my purchase. Already started shooting the first test shots and I like the option to add shadow to my composition very much. Especially on such a short distance.  But more on this in a later article. Please look below for the specs: -Ideal for Close-up photography, especially medical and scientific applications. -Fully dedicated with the latest TTL auto exposure systems. -Dual flash tubes can be switched on or off for creative flash control -Wireless TTL Flash Control -High Speed Synchro Flash -Guide Number of 14/m, 46/ft (ISO100) Multifunctional Macro Flash designed to work with Digital & 35mm Film SLR cameras (2004.9.10) Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new ELECTRONIC FLASH MACRO EM-140 DG. ELECTRONIC FLASH MACRO EM-140 DG is designed to work with both AF 35mm film and Digital SLR cameras of all-popular manufactures. The EM-140 DG Macro Flash is ideal for photographing subjects in fine detail when the shadowless mode is used, and is extremely effective for scientific and medical applications. Dual flash tubes can fire simultaneously or separately. Using only one flashtube creates modeling, which can give a three-dimensional feeling to the subject. The flash features a guide number of 14 w/ISO 100. The Modeling Flash function makes it possible to check for reflections and shadows before actually taking the flash picture. A wireless flash function is also available, where the EM-140 DG is used as […]

Finally I had the guts to by a close-up lens. Which will give me the opportunity to explore the wonders of macro. But more about this in the future. Below you will find the specs for this new lens. I can’t wait to start playing with it.