17/52 Project 50mm

A new mindset and a new approach for project 50mm. While I was shooting this weeks photo of Nicki I forgot to check my settings and messed up. (just being honest here) While I tried to save the shot in Adobe Lightroom I noticed that with some specific settings gave me a new cool effect I used to achieve in the past by wrongly developing dia positive film (yeah I know, the old fashion way before we had photoshop and lightroom and other stuff like that) So before I knew I was trying to re-create my own mess. The shot of Joan was pretty close but unfortunately my mothers photo was less of a success, just because she was not able to climb all the stairs to Nickita’s room where we had the colored light. But hey I still like the shot of her and most worthy to place it in this collection. So here a nice proof of how messed up shots still can be saved and used.







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