15/52 project 50mm photo challenge

Week 15 of my photo challenge project. And this is the first week that it was a bit harder to get some good shots but that was mainly due to the fact that this weekend was all about my daughters swimming diploma. She had to swim for her first certificate which of course was very exciting. Luckily she made and and we all are very proud. But also the fact that ‘my girls’ have to do this every week on my request for the photo challenge and I see that it is in some cases getting annoying. So I tried to make the best of it and I really do hope they are willing to finish the whole project.


Here a shot of Nickita just before she had to leave the dressing room. Getting ready for her swimming exam and you see the tension on her face. She did well and a small hour after this photo was taken she was the proud owner of her new swimming diploma.
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Joan is the one who is almost everytime busy with her looks when I am trying to take a photo of her for this photo challenge. And trust me ‘never’ is the only right moment according to her. I have to fully disagree on this but that is another discussion. But looking at this weeks entries I thought that the shot below was the only right one that would express this weeks feeling.
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My dear mom, still going strong, but also still on a quest to get her old life back. She is getting stronger by the day and she is also getting more joy in her life so that is all good. The shot below shows her on one of her more fragile moments. And I am relay happen that she opens up so much for my photo challenge
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