12/52 Project 50mm

Again an emotional week. A week with tough decisions and lots of sadness. But we still managed to make some shots for the project 50mm and we are still moving on with our lives. I have a lot of discussions with my wife about the shots I make for my 52 week photo challenge project before I publish them on the site. These are nice discussions, about form, taste and emotions. You know the fun stuff to talk about when talking about photography. And that was exactly one of the goals I had with my project 50mm. Next to shooting a lot, I also wanted to have nice talks about the work I do. So mission accomplished and a good motivation to continue. So here are this weeks shots


I shot this photo right after the moment my daughter was told that our foster-son (Mart, her foster-brother) will be leaving us. He will move on to a new foster-family. She did not know how to react to this. All we knew was that she was really sad.




During the weekend we spend a few days in a hotel which had a bath. Joan asked if I wanted something else for this weeks project 50mm shot and told me that it was okay to photograph her while taking her bath. I really like this weeks photo of her and it is good to she how she relaxes after all the stress of this week.




My mom is really struggling with her health and trying to find some energy since she had her operation. I told her to get outside more and so we did together. Just 50 meters away from her front door, but hey I got her outside, and we laughed and had some fun. But I could tell it costed her a lot of effort to do so. Little steps, but at the end we will get there.


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