10/52 project 50mm

Week 10 of my photo challenge. This time it was even harder to pick good shots just simply because I had too many shots to choose from. But hey, at the end I managed to pick the three you see here below. I do hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think of them by leaving a comment below. By doing so I might learn something of this photo challenge.



Just being proud that she is getting grown up teeth and the whole world should know this. So she would not mind that daddy was taking a picture of her showing the big gap in her mouth.



This shot I took of my wife just after I took another shot of my mother. We were sitting on the plaza of the hospital were my mother still stays and Joan was listening to my mothers questions on how she should deal with the fact she will go home soon.



And my mom, one of the last days in the hospital bed. In a few days she will go back home and then the hard and long way of rehabilitation will start, but that is for later concern. Here she is just fed up with the whole situation and tired of everything that has happened in the last four weeks.
So this was also the last shot of my mom in the hospital of this 52 week photo challenge. And hopefully I can now show nicer pictures of her getting better and finding back the joy of life.

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