09/52 project 50mm

New week for my 52 week photo challenge and still going strong. I am really enjoying it. And for my wife and daughter it is almost getting normal that daddy is getting his ‘special’ camera and makes a shot for his photo project. For my mom it is still a struggle but I know she will be able to appreciate it at the end. All she sees at the moment is how she (and her body) is changing and getting older due to all the chemotherapy and surgery. By now we know she will be alright but it is going to take some time to get there.

This week I took some more distance and tried to capture the emotions they were experiencing…


Playing mannequin in an empty shopping window, feeling happy and content.


Walking in her hometown ‘Groningen” at the grote markt, feeling comfortable and confident


After a couple of weeks, finally out of the hospital bed and on the indoor square of the hospital, feeling insecure and scared

In this gallery you will be able to find the whole set of the past 9 weeks

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