07/52 project 50mm

Busy and emotional week this week. My mom had surgery (pancreatic cancer – Whipple operation) and we had very good news. They were able to remove the tumor and that was above all expectations. But even when you receive good news, emotions are taking control of your live and we saw this happening with our little girl. After some discussion with my mom we decided to continue with the photo challenge project so also this week we made some photos. And to be honest this is the kind of photography I favor the most.



My daughter was really excited to go to ‘Omie’ (her grandmother), and she was full of stories to share. When we arrived she started to give her presents and tell about her adventures. But then in a blink of a second her whole mood switched from being excited to sad and impressed by the whole situation. At first I picked an other photo but that was mainly sad. The photo below shows her amazement, and we also recognize the sadness in her eyes. I like this shot a lot and it will be a good addition to my 52 week photo challenge.
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My wife being her positive self had also her moments of thought. A bit harder to catch but with a bit of cooperation from her side we managed to shoot some good shots that could also get her approval for this weeks photo challenge. ;-) (you got to love her).
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And this weeks photo challenge the most important of all, my mom. The day after the operation, she spend on the intensive care, and the next day they brought her to the ward. That same day she sat on a chair for an hour and managed to walk for a bit. She is the strongest fighter I ever met in my live and I am so proud of her. Here she is trying to understand her granddaughters digital camera.
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