06/52 Project 50mm

Week six already of this 52 weeks photo challenge, time flies at the moment. A lot on our minds lately. My mom will be in the hospital next week so don’t know if I will be able to take a shot of her. All we can do is hope. This weekend we invited her for dinner with just the four of us. Our foster kid is still away on vacation with his family. So we could enjoy being together and discuss some final things.

Our daughter was jsut relaxed and enjoyed the hammock with one of my new comic books.

My wife, again just being herself, some how she manages every time to feel that I am going to take a photo and then starts to pose. In the early days, once in a while, I could manage to sneak on her and take a more natural shot. But hey, we have still 46 weeks to go, so I should succeed.

My mom was nervous and started to make jokes about getting old and feeling old, and regardless of the debates we have, this is how she is and this is how I think she is beautiful and how we love her.

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