My daughter was reading a book before going to bed and I imagined that she would see all these different worlds created by her fantasy. This gave me the idea to create a dreamy image (sorry don’t have any other words for it). Luckily she was sitting close to some colorful pillows so it was easy to create the effect with Photoshop


While working on some edits of project 50mm I created some nice black and whites and noticed that I keep falling back on a particular style that I am really fond of. So I decided to create a new gallery where I collect these photos. The more shots I take for project 50mm the more I will have that I can use for this parallel project. Let’s see where it ends.

For starters I picked several portraits I made earlier for project 50mm. Some of them I actualy used for project 50mm, but I tried to use mainly unused images

var gallery_name = "Project black and white"; var gallery_count = 25; var description = "A spin-off of my project 50mm. During this project I made many portraits and some of them we excellent for a B and W conversion. ";